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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to Increase Website Sales

March 02, 2016

Widespread internet has change the purchasing tendency of customers. Rather than going outside and searching for particular product or service, the customers now prefers to search online for the desired product or service. That’s why it is quintessential to design your website in such a way which attract and retain the customer as well as make them click on purchase button. In order to provide wide range of services and products many entrepreneurs fill the homepage with numerous products which are not encouraging. By eliminating some basic gaffe, any online business can increase their sales and could stand ahead among the competitors. There are some tips which you could follow to increase the sales of your website.

·        Make your Homepage attractive and clear.
·        Simple and direct checkout procedure
·        Remove all the distractions like social media plugin which causes distractions while reviewing and choosing the product and service.
·        Provide flexibility in the payment options
·        Ensure the quick delivery of service and product the customer purchased.
·        Provide detailed description of each product and service along with the benefit of using or availing it respectively.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hire Value Added Services For Your Online Business

February 27, 2014

Imagine someone taking care of every online aspects of your business. Imagine some able Internet Marketing Services Company taking all responsibilities on its shoulders. Seems like a fairy tale wish, but ACSIUS Technologies from New Delhi weaves wonders just as it promises to. It is equipped to take care of any kind of online website right from its birth to leading it to a desirable position while making sure that all required practices are performed to make it more popular and more search worthy.

Your website is just the mirror image of your company, the products you deal in or the services you provide. Therefore, it has to be built and developed in a manner so that people who are looking for something, finds worthy information in your website. But that is only one step of the game. Even interesting content wouldn’t necessarily make it popular. It has to be pushed and elevated to reach more public. This can be done only with the help of proper and contemporary Search Engine Marketing techniques. At ACSIUS, experts are always willing to help you make your website a lot bigger, better and popular. With years of experience in serving so many clients, ACSIUS is always ready to make you win!

ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
52-A, 301-3rd Floor, Krishna Complex, Hasanpur, New Delhi-110092, India

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Step Ahead To Hire One Of The Best & Cost-Effective Website Design Services In India

January 02, 2014
With Website Design Services you can create the ultimate website. With SEO Outsourcing Services you can market that website. In recent years owning a website is just as common as owning a phone. Deciding what kind of website you want and the primary purpose of the page can help you make decisions about the amount of time and money you want to initially invest. The evolution of website design, domain ownership and advertising can benefit any page if you plan right.


Selecting a domain name that is original seems wise. However, the industry of reselling successful or notable names has boomed. The resale value of a stable domain name can exceed any profit you may make off the website. If you are creating a brochure page of your club, business or blog, the domain name may not be such a factor. You can prepay for many years usage, or pay yearly depending on your need and desire to keep the page active. As the Internet has exploded globally, the names seem finite and rise in value. Spending the money on a five or ten year lease of a name may be the best building block for your business or it may be a waste of funds. Budgeting your efforts can make owning a website a fruitful successful venture. If you are an established business looking to build a site then this might be a great investment. If you are start up with limited income and no track record, you may want to invest in building your credibility first.


After selecting a domain name choosing a design template is the next step in creating a brand.  Paying an individual to design your site might be costly and not really relevant to your business needs. So many providers, with so many options make building a page very easy. The goal is building a website that looks like your company and is full of words that relate to your business.

After creating a page, most of the outsourcing is in jockeying the page to great position. If you are just reaching out to your current customers, your website should have credibility.  If you are producing fresh content and doing a well rounded advertising campaign then new people can visit your site and read your content and you will organically rise in the ranks of search engines. If you are trying to build a business name with no current clientele then you can pay for SEO, keywords and Adword placement. This will pad your online presence and increase your traffic and potentially your profits. 

Read the full story at :-

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Social Media Marketing India – Purpose And Importance

November 20, 2013
Today, social media marketing has created a stir among people for having a lot of advantages. This is an important type of marketing technique that helped India improve its business in all over the world. It comes with a specific goal and includes various factors to improve business, customer-satisfaction, public relations, and services of a company.   

India, however, successfully gained a position in the list of top ten marketing countries that gained popularity for booming internet marketing practices. The utilization of internet industry should not be a surprising factor as it has been developed over the years and having a great chance in the coming decades. Moreover, the importance of contents is now gained a huge importance from business in the country especially in terms of targeting customers.    

Social Media Marketing

With the changing time, Indian people now prefer to spend quality time by surfing internet and accessing various sites. When it comes to role of social media marketing, it plays a vital role in online promotion and gave a genuine reason to celebrate to many companies. Undeniably, it gave people awareness about various products and services, and also provided a great platform for businessmen to serve number of customers.    

Many companies located in India are actively engaged in offering the said services and helped their clients to achieve their main goal and earn huge business profits. Such company performs their first task to make you aware of business world and then helps you in enhancing your business growth. You will certainly not face any difficulty in outsourcing your promotion work to India that will be the right choice. Moreover, the fact can’t be denied that Indian companies are known for their dedicated service and offer a reliable service.

Indian service providers mainly emphasize on quality and committed to offer an expeditious service. The said service helps you directly interact with your target customers and get an opportunity to convert them into potential customers. Besides, effective social networking campaigns are conducted by number of Indian SEO professionals. Business promotion is the most important job as it directly contributes to revenue-generation capacity of an organization.       

Moreover, the customer relationship is something that can be best maintained by social networking. An effective campaign strategy will give you a great chance to increase number of visitors. You can increase page ranking status of your site by search engine indexing. A perfect SEO will highlight your presence in the market.    

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Boost Your Website With The Best SEO Services In India

October 16, 2013

SEO Company India

India is a fast growing country in the field of online marketing and many SEO servicing firms have popped up across the nation. These firms take care of both regional as well as offshore clientele and help them to go up with their website rankings with their SEO service in India.

Increase Traffic, Improve your Website Ranking

The goal of the Search Engine Optimization is to help move up your website to higher positions and make it visible to the people. It is a common practice that most of the people who search for something on the internet never go beyond the first page of the search engine. If your website is not available on the first page, then there is a huge possibility that your website would never reach your potential customers.

Instead of saying that no one cares to visit your website and buy your services, it would be more practical to quote that, the search engines are not aware of your website. Major Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the interface between the Internet and the Internet users. Unless your Website is not listed in their index, it is as good as a non-existent site. ACSIUS SEO Services can help you to place your Website in their index and rank higher. There is only one way to survive in the battle of the sites on the Internet, i.e. to get in the top 10 and increase traffic to your Website. ACSIUS SEO Company is the specialist in pushing URLs sky high and provides you a very good online reputation.

Global VS Local: The Need for a Strategy

The SEO approach to a particular website would vary depending on the target audience and nature of the business it serves. The parameters of a successful SEO keep on changing from time to time. For e.g. only optimizing the keywords for a particular content may not be the answer. For this, you need to hire a reputed SEO Agency that would take care of all your SEO needs.

On Page Optimization

The art of smartly placing selective keywords in the titles, descriptions, quality content, looking for the keyword density, the research involved, the editing are parts of the On Page Optimization. It is also about emphasizing the quality of the website with alt tags and sitemaps.

Off Page Optimization

The particular SEO techniques that aim to boost the online visibility of a website is the Off Page Optimization. We put all our energy in promoting website from far using multiple strategies such as directory submission, article submission, blog/forum commenting, social media bookmarking, one-way or two-way link building. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

SEO Services Is The Apt Tool For Your Business To Flourish

September 02, 2013
SEO Agency
The world is completed in a circle because everything irrespective of size in dependent on each other for survival. Nobody has ever succeeded by choosing isolation and the same applies to your business as well. This is the age of globalisation where no distance is too long. Infact exchange of things, ideas, products, services, etc are taking place at a mind blowing speed. The social media has made everyone accessible no matter to which corner of the world they belong. The east, west, north and south has become the melting pot of cultures and ideas. In such a scenario it isn’t smart neither helpful to keep your business limited to a certain section of people. Infact it the perfect time to let it out in the world for opportunities are immense and they shouldn’t be missed.

Apart from a physical presence it has also become gravely important to have a solid virtual presence. The World Wide Web has played a crucial role in shrinking the distance between the east and west. Hence if one is interested in realising the potential of his/her business to the extreme level, then they definitely have to adapt to this phenomenon. It might be a new avenue for many but that doesn’t mean they should shy away from it. Experiments have always led to marvellous inventions therefore it is vital to experience it. Even if the business owners aren’t very confident regarding their skills when it comes to this new domain, they can always seek for professional help.  

SEO Services are an aid for the clients who seek to accomplish in their business by reaching for the international level or any other specific location. These professionals have the required skills which enable them to assist search engine marketing methods. A genuine and reliable SEO Agency offers exclusive SEO support which suits the needs of the clients. Their approach is such that it helps to build up the business for their clients. The professionals are well trained and have in depth knowledge of the subject they are dealing in. This is the reason why they are able to help the clients in building up their own search engine status. They understand the proper usage of keywords and phrases which are instrumental for increasing visibility. They provide exclusive search engine optimisation solutions which help the clients to have an edge over their competitors. They are also affordable and infact a must if the business aspires to reach a top level position via positive growth. 

Arun Singh is the founder and CEO of ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a SEO Company India offering low cost SEO services to allow every business to hire SEO experts. The SEO packages are designed to get the most effective Internet marketing strategy. To know which plan would be adapted to your website, ask a free SEO analysis today at 

Monday, 26 August 2013

SEO Services India Follow Latest Usability And Tips To Assure Success

August 26, 2013
These days the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page is quite popular. More frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will visit the site resulting in an increase in business. This is a technique which helps your site to rank higher than the millions of other sites in response. 

Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of the list as they consider those to be better accepted and appreciated. There are specialized individuals and organizations dealing with this. It is however essential to understand how the process works before finalizing a service provider. This will help you to understand your requirement well and you can assign the task to the most appropriate professional.
SEO Services India

The practice that makes some websites rank better than the others is a powerful web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization India assures a marked difference in the ranking criteria. The process follows several activities in order to deliver search results: crawling, processing, indexing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving.

In case you wish to publicize your business SEO Services India offers you dependable service at affordable rate. Research shows that 90% of the online consumers use the search engine as a medium to get information on products and services offered by companies. The process plays a significant role for a business to succeed online.

There are many such organizations in India offering a wide range services specifically tailored to give your business the desired visibility. There are experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.  Their expertise ensures satisfactory online ranking. 

Some important steps involved in the process:

Content Writing Services
Keyword Research
Link Building Services
Social Networking
Site Analysis
Directory Submission Services
Article and Press Releases Services
Blog Submission

Most professionals focus only on rankings but not on profits. Only good ranking is not the goal, selling is the primary concern of all business owners. As a part of the internet marketing strategy the experts are supposed to plan to drive more and more revenue towards your website.  It is therefore essential that the experts go beyond traditional marketing practice rather help you in establishing your brand name and dominating the competition.  

The process helps you to create a highly regarded and trusted business profile on the social websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. This increases the trust of potential clients towards your business and thus improving your business.

Arun Singh is the founder and CEO of ACSIUSTechnologies Pvt. Ltd., a SEO Company India offering low cost SEO services to allow every business to hire SEO experts. The SEO packages are designed to get the most effective Internet marketing strategy. To know which plan would be adapted to your website, ask a free SEO analysis today at 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Rely Only On The Best Quality SEO India

August 16, 2013
Human is a social being hence he/she lives in a society where daily interaction is a necessity. With centuries rolling by various changes has been incorporated in the lives of human yet the social factor remains the same. People love to make connections but to maintain them can get a bit taxing with the ocean of workload on one’s head. This is why social media has found ready acceptance in modern day lifestyle. Families and friends are connected to each other irrespective of the physical distance between them. They constantly share updates and exchanges ideas on myriad of topics. Even if physical visits aren’t possible yet they feel that they are in touch with each other. Also it is a fabulous platform to promote something as a large of audience can be targeted at one time.

Such kindof of feature is totally apt for today’s world as it is all about stiff competition. Multitasking has become the way of life as there is paucity of time. Everyone is in a hurry to carve out a niche for himself/herself. Average things don’t satisfy modern day customers as the market is flooded with alternatives. In such a situation success only comes to those who can remain two steps ahead of their competitors. There are various ways and techniques which are employed so that one stays ahead in this mad race. But one should remember that only genuine tricks can guarantee achievements which last for a long time.   

SEOIndia is known to fetch a fantastic return on investment and generate a good market share. The highly expertise team makes sure that the business is reaping the maximum benefits of Social Media Optimization. This trend basically involves the usage of social media and its activities are intended for attracting large number of visitors to the particular website. Professional and reputable SEO companies are always on lookout for maximum client satisfaction and strive hard to achieve the same. They offer a wide array of internet marketing programs to meet the needs of different businesses. They are able to provide your business with the edge which is crucial to leave your competitors behind. Such companies design SEO packages comprising of an exhaustive list of services to achieve guaranteed top rankings and that too ethically. A business owner can go through them and choose the one which he/she feels will yield maximum profits. Incase one gets confused, the expert team is ever ready with suggestions so that one can make the best choice.

Arun Singh is the founder and CEO of ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a SEO Company India offering low cost SEO services to allow every business to hire SEO experts. The SEO packages are designed to get the most effective Internet marketing strategy. To know which plan would be adapted to your website, ask a free SEO analysis today at

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Would You not Hire a SEO Company in India?

August 07, 2013
Everyone who is the happy owner of a website knows having a website is not a finality. You need to monetize it. Regardless how you do it, i.e. ads, selling products or services, it means you need traffic to survive.In front of a gigantic crowd of competitors offering similar services, maybe at better rate, you need to adopt a strategy. Your best alliesare search engines. Let’s be a little more specific. Let’s name the most commonly used search engine in the world, handling about 80% of the queries alone, Google. When people are looking for an answer, they open this amazing source of information that is the Internet and Google is nothing less that the Internet gatekeeper.

At a nightclub, to please the bouncer and enter the party, you might need to wear a tuxedo. For your website to enter the top 10 of the result page, the rule is much more complicated. Google is quite a very sneaky bouncer. It claims to check more than 200 hundreds points before letting you enter its very private top 10. All the points are not equal and some are particularly important to win its appraisal. This is basically what SEO is about. It is a very slow process to build up the points Google expects to see on a good website for two main reasons. Firstly, it involves a lot of work. Secondly and not the least, the natural online growth of a website i.e. its notoriety or popularity is slow. If your SEO strategy does not build up at a natural growth rate, Google will know right away your website is not playing fair and might decide to not let it enter the top 10.

Together the rule is simple. SEO is crucial but SEO has a cost. The top SEO companies are therefore quite elitist. Not every business can offer this cost and certainly not small businesses. One solution for businessmen is to outsource this work outside the USA, UK, and Australia; somewhere manpower is cheaper. India is one of the leading countries that rose in outsourcing programming and more generally information technology over the last decades. Needless to say SEO India was not left behind and today, finding a SEO Company in India is a simple job. Unfortunately, finding the company offering quality SEO Services India that will not trigger Google’s anger and penalize your website is much harder. Make sure you ask the SEO India Company you investigate the current ranking results of websites they work for in your country. Examine the ranking yourself after de-personalizing your browser settings and check out the volume traffic of the keywords they indicate. Some companies do have the tendency to show keywords with very low competition and traffic to boost their result statistics.

Arun Singh is the founder and CEO of ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a SEO Company India offering low cost SEO services to allow every business to hire SEO experts. The SEO packages are designed to get the most effective Internet marketing strategy. To know which plan would be adapted to your website, ask a free SEO analysis today at 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

An Internet Marketing Company can change a lot of things for your business

July 23, 2013
Time is very crucial for any business as every minute matters and it is precious. To keep up with time is essential for the growth and development of the business. As it is said that time and tide waits for none, hence keeping up with technology is what differentiates a great business with a mediocre one.  The world is transforming at a rapid pace and sometimes it gets difficult to keep up with its pace. Very often it so happens that some are ‘blink it and miss it’ moments hence one has to be super alert to grab such opportunity. In this fierce competitive world, only those who are two steps ahead of their competitors can survive.  

In any business customers are vital as higher the sale, higher are the profits. Since customers are often varied and have individual preference, it gets a bit difficult to cater to them at once. But the key to success is to keep each customer happy and deliver their needs to perfection. This is where internet proves fruitful as it allows you to interact with numerous customers at a time. With constant feedbacks and suggestions the website owner is regularly updated with the expectations of the customers. This enables them to incorporate changes which are beneficial for their business as they come straight from the customers.

Customers are like assets for any business and the strategy should be to rope in the maximum number. With SEO Company be assured of the reaching the target visitors in a cost effective manner. They offer assistance regarding how to maintain your site so that it creates a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. This will make them visit your site often and also refer it to others. Hence it is important to maintain interaction with the customers and an Internet Marketing Company can guide you through this. They are professionals who have immense knowledge of the situation and can make you understand the lacking of your site. They encourage site owners to promote their products in a creative way so that they can stand out in a crowd. Creative online marketing can make your business grow hence one should choose the best service provider. There isn’t any room for mistake in the web-world as your mistake can prove to be beneficial for your competitors. Hence one should utilize the skills of the service provider for their profit only. One should remember that when the various approaches to promote the business meet professional expertise, success is guaranteed. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

SEO Services are vital for your business

July 22, 2013
For a business to begin it is crucial to have an idea which can sell. Then the idea has to be conceptualised into a product so that it can be marketed. It is an essential aspect as it will determine the acceptance of your product and expand the reaches of your business. No matter how impactful your product it, if it isn’t backed by great marketing strategies then chances of meeting success is very slim. These strategies differ depending on time and the product. In early days marketing was done via word of mouth but today things are sold and bought through internet.

Even though a majority of population today are aware about the internet and using it in some form, they are unaware of what potential internet marketing holds. Computers are here to stay and the evolution to incorporate the technology into things of daily use such television, camera and phones is a testimony of this fact. Hence one should take full advantage of the situation and utilise internet for the promotion of their business. It is infact an inexpensive promotional method as you just require internet connection and a medium via which you can access it. You can interact with a large number of audiences at a time and receive feedbacks from each visitor. This will enable you to incorporate the required changes in your site which in return will boost your sales.

In case you are still worrying regarding how to utilise internet for your business, then an Internet Marketing Company should be your call. You are definitely the biggest well-wisher of your business and always willing to go that extra mile for its growth and success. An Internet Marketing Firm is like your helping hand with provides SEO Services and SMO Services so that your site is ranked higher on search engines. They devise techniques which are cost effective and guarantees results. A professional Internet marketer is ever ready to help you out with your website issues. They are experts in their field and know how to deal with varied situations with smart SEO Packages India. They help the site owners understand the customers as well as their needs very well. They know it very well that creativity and innovation is the most sought after characteristics online. Hence they offer guidelines as to how one should incorporate relevant and interesting content to that potential customers can be enticed. They also emphasise a lot on the web-design as it is the prime impression creating factor. There are various nuances of internet marketing and with professional help it will just seem like a cakewalk.

Arun Singh is a co-founder and CEO of ACSIUSTechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Internet Marketing agency specialized in SEO. Well versed in both on page and off page optimization, he is a SEO expert who has a comprehensive view of Google algorithm.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

With SEO Packages India give your website nightmares a good chase

July 17, 2013
With the introduction of internet in our lives, socialising has found a new platform. We can share, tweet, post and update anything with such ease. Infact a piece of information over the internet can spread faster than a wild fire. When something catches the fancy of someone’s eyes it becomes the talk of the town. On the other hand if something is disliked over the net then too it is criticised the hard way. One can say that the world of internet is tricky where every move is monitored and critiqued upon. For any business venturing into the web-world it is important that they are aware about their objectives. Vagueness has no room in the virtual world for the eyes of visitors are always scanning for something interesting and intriguing.

Therefore just having a website alone doesn’t guarantee success for your business. Infact as the site owner you should keep an eye on whether your offerings are being noticed by customers or not. Your current customers are the linking bridge to your potential customers. If you keep them happy only then they are going to endorse you and be the catalyst in spreading your brand name far and wide. Constant upgrading and supply of relevant information is what keeps visitors interested. With such important tips your website will be able to take your business to every nook of the world.

With professional assistance from a SEO Agency, you can witness the transformation of your business. Internet marketing is basically implementation of effective strategies to promote your business online. Web marketing techniques are constantly evolving as the technology evolves. SEOPackages India are not left behind. This is why you need advice from an expert who is pro in this field and keeps note of every possible move. These services are aware of various methods of marketing for the Internet. Depending on your business and its need they combine to form the best marketing campaign. They are also well informed about the various algorithms introduce by the search engines to keep a quality check. Being a site owner you might not be aware of those and it can lead to making some uninformed decisions. It can lead to potential damage as many are aware about the complexity of Google Panda recovery. Google Panda is basically Google’s search algorithm which was launched to promote the high quality content site. This means that low quality content sites were hit by it and so were the rankings. Rankings are crucial for traffic and once hit by this algorithm, recovery is very uncertain. So the best way to guard one from such nightmares is to fetch for the best SEO India.

Arun Singh is a co-founder and CEO of ACSIUSTechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Internet Marketing agency specialized in SEO. Well versed in both on page and off page optimization, he is a SEO expert who has a comprehensive view of Google algorithm.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let an SEO Agency take worries out of you online business

July 16, 2013
The web world is a crowded place with information, images, videos and alike. Every single minute updates are being registered and a new product makes way into the virtual world. In such a scenario it is surprising how a visitor makes his choice. What makes him/her choose a particular site over the other? What are the criteria which were followed by him/her while making the particular choice?  Every site owner launches his/her site so that the business is made visible and they are chosen over the others. Incase this isn’t happening then there is something wrong with the site. The business owner must treat it as a warning signal and seek for professional help at the earliest. 

As a site owner you might have done everything from your end for a perfect website. Yet there is something which is keeping your site away from receiving the desired traffic. It is vital to identify the problem and find solution before it takes toll on your business. It is important to know that today’s customers are more aware and demanding. They are very particular regarding their needs and impatient when it comes to searches. They believe in putting effort for only those products which are interesting enough to catch their attention. Otherwise they just like to browse through the top search results and click on the links which appear first. 

A SEO Company is essential for websites as good SEO Packages India to rank better and higher in search engines. They direct your efforts in the right direction so that it reaches to your target audience.  With SEO services your website rankings gets improved meaning it appears on top of various search engines and social media websites. This results in more visitors who are basically potential customers. As they visit your site and find your products interesting, it means they are choosing your service over your competitors. This raises the credibility of your brand and makes it better known. While these services claim to wonders for your site, care should be taken to appoint the best SEO Agency. With professional expertise they can market your products online in the most creative way possible. Make sure that the company has quite a bit of experience so that they can handle any kindof situation. It isn’t like new companies don’t have the adequate knowledge but skills definitely comes with time. The practical implementation of strategies and knowledge of the market is essential for your business and it can be provided by a reliable Internet Marketing Company.

Arun Singh is a co-founder and CEO of ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Internet Marketing agency specialized in SEO. Well versed in both on page and off page optimization, he is a SEO expert who has a comprehensive view of Google algorithm.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Keep Your Site Away From the Clutches of Google Penguin Recovery

July 08, 2013
The web-world is a massive storehouse of information. This is the reason why people quickly turn on to the Internet for any kind of query. There isn’t even a moment when activity ceases in the web-world. People are constantly browsing, uploading and socializing over the Internet. In such a situation chances are that people are looking out for services offered by your business. Therefore it is essential and beneficial for your business to make its visibility on the internet via the website. The website is like an impression creating tool for your business as it has the potential to entice customers. It is vital for any business owner to pay heed to the website and keep it updated on a regular basis. 

Unlike a physical store, a website isn’t bound by distance or location. In fact it has maximum reach and the ability to expand your business to every nook and corner of this world. However every site owner should remember that content isn’t unregulated on the net. Search engines deploy certain guidelines so that the user’s experience is enhanced. They aim to provide a premium search service that filters out web sites that are irrelevant or misleading. Many site owners do hire professional services to help them out with the maintenance of their site. Care should be taken to choose the genuine and reliable service for they play a crucial role in the success graph of your business. 

The success and popularity of any website is determined by the traffic it can attract. No site owner would ever want that the traffic should drop for any reason. But search engines design algorithms so that they are able to rule out deceitful competitors. Since they frequently update their algorithms, it is essential to maintain quality articles as they are ranked higher. Google had launched two algorithms namely Penguin and Panda. They were the reason for the setback of many sites. It has been concluded that Google Penguin recovery and Google Panda recovery is almost next to impossible. As it is said that it is better to be safe than sorry, even site owners should follow the same. They shouldn’t indulge in any malicious acts which promise them quick success. Rather they should focus on long term repercussions and make sure they are fruitful. Site owners should keep in focus their aim, the target audience and understand them well. In case they have hired some professionals then maintaining of sync is equally important. The internet landscape is ever evolving and only those who adapt quickly are rewarded.

Arun Singh is a co-founder and CEO of ACSIUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Internet Marketing Agency specialized in SEO. Well versed in both on page and off page optimization, he is a SEO expert who has a comprehensive view of Google algorithm.