Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Would You not Hire a SEO Company in India?

Everyone who is the happy owner of a website knows having a website is not a finality. You need to monetize it. Regardless how you do it, i.e. ads, selling products or services, it means you need traffic to survive.In front of a gigantic crowd of competitors offering similar services, maybe at better rate, you need to adopt a strategy. Your best alliesare search engines. Let’s be a little more specific. Let’s name the most commonly used search engine in the world, handling about 80% of the queries alone, Google. When people are looking for an answer, they open this amazing source of information that is the Internet and Google is nothing less that the Internet gatekeeper.

At a nightclub, to please the bouncer and enter the party, you might need to wear a tuxedo. For your website to enter the top 10 of the result page, the rule is much more complicated. Google is quite a very sneaky bouncer. It claims to check more than 200 hundreds points before letting you enter its very private top 10. All the points are not equal and some are particularly important to win its appraisal. This is basically what SEO is about. It is a very slow process to build up the points Google expects to see on a good website for two main reasons. Firstly, it involves a lot of work. Secondly and not the least, the natural online growth of a website i.e. its notoriety or popularity is slow. If your SEO strategy does not build up at a natural growth rate, Google will know right away your website is not playing fair and might decide to not let it enter the top 10.

Together the rule is simple. SEO is crucial but SEO has a cost. The top SEO companies are therefore quite elitist. Not every business can offer this cost and certainly not small businesses. One solution for businessmen is to outsource this work outside the USA, UK, and Australia; somewhere manpower is cheaper. India is one of the leading countries that rose in outsourcing programming and more generally information technology over the last decades. Needless to say SEO India was not left behind and today, finding a SEO Company in India is a simple job. Unfortunately, finding the company offering quality SEO Services India that will not trigger Google’s anger and penalize your website is much harder. Make sure you ask the SEO India Company you investigate the current ranking results of websites they work for in your country. Examine the ranking yourself after de-personalizing your browser settings and check out the volume traffic of the keywords they indicate. Some companies do have the tendency to show keywords with very low competition and traffic to boost their result statistics.

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