Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ten Tips to Reach at the Top Page of Google

Ten Years ago it was not much difficult to get found your website in Google. On that time people registered their domain, hosted, designed and did some keyword research. On that time with the help of Meta Titles and Descriptions and duplicate content, website did rank on top of Google.

But at this time all scenarios are changed and now website is going to penalized by Google with a single technical mistake. Day by day Google is improving its services and warns website owners to improve their website too. A more search engine friendly as well as user friendly website will get rank, others will be discarded.

Here are top 10 tips on how to optimize your website for Google's algorithm today and beyond.

1. Update Yourself and implement current marketing strategies: Before going for website SEO, plan a market strategy for this. For this you have to research lot. You will have to learn on web, you will have to see others marketing strategy and techniques. After mix up all strategies you will have to prepare the best marketing strategy for implementation. Set realistic goals for your SEO efforts, and then track your efforts with your desired results. Sometimes we are doing effort but can’t achieve the desired goal. So, always plan for the best strategy and guidelines which everyone will follow and after a fixed time the desired output did show your efforts.

2. Structure of Website: After completion of first tip, you will have to plan for a well-structured website. A well-structured website will help in rising in search engine rankings and business too. Check your website’s pages, contents, navigation and all internal structures of the website. Take help of others website that how top website owners structured their website and build a great structure of website.

3. Build a Digital Footprint: It's not just about search engines. Squeeze traditional marketing, outreach, partnerships, social, guest blogging, inspired mentions, and good old-fashioned relationships. Always prepare a good digital footprint to optimize your efforts and success.

4. Design for Multiple Screens: Always try to create those types of websites which works faster, smarter and well on every types of devices like mobile, smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers. At this time Google warns all website owners that if website has no mobile, tablets usability then there is no any chance to get rank to that website. So, track your website that it is reliable for all machines or not.

5. Conduct Keyword Query Research: Always try to prefer low competition with high searches keywords. Try to use long tail keywords. Long Tail Keywords are good for SEO. Not only hyperlink your original keywords in list but try to use some similar keywords which are not in your list and your competitors are using those keywords. So, it is a big task to research your keywords. Take help of competitors’ keywords and Google trends for choosing keywords. After all analyze all keywords with Monthly Searches, Competition in Google Keywords Planner (Replaced Adwords Tool).
Google Keywords Planner

6. Write Always Fresh and Informative Content: There are no any fixed lengths of any content. Write your content till it will not satisfy your ideas and users. Always try to write just enough not too much. Sometimes a single word describes a whole sentence. So, always try to use user friendly words which give an informational meaning.

7. Tag Your Content (Standard, Social and Schema): Tagging your content is very necessary because with the help of tags your content will be optimized and reaches door to door. You can get a good traffic on your content by tagging your content. 

8. Don't Over-Optimize: Too much in anything is bad. “Access of everything is bad”. Overdoing internal anchor text, linking and excessive footer links is not good for website and search engine then penalize your whole website and then you will not ever come at top.

9. Optimize the User Experience: User always look for an informative post. Try to write your content on those topics which are more searchable. When your content will come in search then user will read your content. If your content will be informative then user automatically likes, comments and re-shares on web. After sometime your content will be speeded on web and door to door users will read your content.

10. Keep Link Building Practices Natural: You have read this proverb in early days of your life that “Slow and steady always wins the race”. So, never try to break the rules and techniques of SEO (white hat SEO). Try to build always a natural back links to your website. Don’t ever try to do black hat SEO for website. Create back links by using positive techniques.

Bonus Tips

• Build a Brand

• Use Authorship to Build Your Personal Brand (Authority)

• Be Social

If you will follow all above guidelines, your website will must reach at top page and you will sure good revenue from your website.

In my next article, I will tell you some other informational facts. Keep watching my articles on web.

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