Friday, 30 August 2013

How To Promote Your Website By Following Off Page Activities?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  When anyone makes a website then one and only aim in their mind to get a good business from website. And the one and only way to take business from website is to do SEO. People usually say that why need SEO? We will take ads from Google and earn money by sitting at home. Yeah this is true that if Google gives ads to website then there is a chance to richer. But this is not also a simple task to take ads from Google and revenue from website.

To take ads from Google website/blogs have valuable content which is most user-friendly, informative, and interactive.  When audience will reach to the website/content and satisfies with the information then he/she will re-share by self and your content becomes syndicated more and syndicated more by the users. One day the result is that you will get a number of audiences on the website and then you can apply Google for ads and there is most chance of getting ads from Google.

As we all know that now a day’s SEO is very difficult job. Search Engine is updating self day by day. SO, no one has a proper answer that how much time keywords will reach at top #10. Everyone has their own ideas and concepts about every technique. I have also different ideas about SEO Off-page work activity.

What to do, how to do in Off Page is a difficult job now. According to me activities must be of following types then there must come result.
·       Directory Submission:  Submit your website links in web directory websites. Now a day’s quality work is very necessary and for this you have to submit your web links on a single-single directory like if you submit your website home page in a directory site then you have not to use that directory website for any other website links. Check IP address before submitting links. Place your complete information of website on their proper places. Choose always proper category to submit the website links in directory sites.

·       Social Bookmarking- Submit your websites links on those social bookmarking sites which has a PR (page rank)>your website PR, DA (Domain Authority) is good, PA(Page Authority) is good and most important have not same IP address. Try to choose same themed website and place your links on that website.

·   Profile Creation on Top Social Networking Sites: Create your brand profile on top social networking sites. Use all information of website like business name, business person, business address, business phone, business E-Mail and all required information.

·       Web 2.0 Submissions: Submit unique contents in top web 2.0 sites. This will help in increasing rank as well as website back links and visitors.

·       Article Submission: Submit your article content on top article websites. Always try to place your content on different-different websites. This will help you in getting back links from different-different websites and IP address. If your article gets valuable response on web and user comment on your articles then your article automatically comes in rank and gets a number of visitors from article to your website.

·       Press Release Submission: Always try to publish press release then when your company offers a new products or news. Because press releases are a great tool to gather audience as well as semi classifieds about your products and news. At this time people usually publish an article into press release which is not good because press release has a special importance and meanings. So, always try to maintain its meanings and get a huge traffic from here. Use all business information in press release like name, URL, address, phone, etc.

·       Blog Commenting:  Always try to comment on theme based blogs. Don’t Spam your comment. Try to comment after reading the post. Always comment relevant to the blogs. Don’t try to link up by force.

·       Forum Posting: Forum is a big tool to get back links to website. Follow guidelines first and if you get to signature then by default you are getting back links by every forum posting. So, first keep patience when registering on website. People usually give links by first post which is not as per guidelines and account is banned. So, follow guidelines first and enjoy posting.

·       Image Sharing: Share website images to image sharing sites. As we know that Google don’t read images on the website and for reading we use ALT tags in website. We will promote images with their exact name and some description about this.

·       Video Sharing: Create Video for your website and submit video on most valuable video sites like YouTube and others. This is a great tool to catch audiences.

·      Doc File Sharing: Create documents and share documents on text sharing files, PDF, sharing sites. So any one can retrieve your information from that document file.

·       PPT Presentation: Create PPT presentation by adding slides with perfect titles, info and images and submit on PPT sharing sites.

·       RSS Submission.

·       Link Reinforcement: In this activity we will do bookmarking for Articles, Press Releases, Web 2.0, Classifieds, Blogs, Brand Profile or any valuable links.

·      Social Media Optimisation (SMO): We will first create profile on social media websites and share our links on that website. We will join groups, follow people, and make friends, Like, Comment, tweet, share of others. SO, others will do same for us. We will join relevant groups. Post on only relevant groups.

·       Question and Answering:  

·       Micro Blogging: We will do micro blogging for the website. We will share our website products information and links by creating short links. We will make links to short and post the shorten links with our products information.

·       Classifieds Posting:

·      Content Syndication:  Google says that don’t make duplicity of the content. If you are using other products or services, texts, images and any things online just give him credit that this is syndicated from that website. So, we will also use this technology to improve website rankings.

·     Guest Posting: Guest Posting is the latest SEO techniques which is used by few of the SEO Experts but Google considers this technique as a most valuable technique. SO, we will do guest blogging for the links. In this activity we offer our contents to someone who has Good PR, DA, and PA website. If he/she will publish our contents with our links then a new backlink with a fresh IP address is received by that website. If most of people visits his/her website daily then our content with links will come in search regularly and our website keywords boosts then.

·       Today Google + plays a vitol role in ranking of the website. So, make your google + profile very strong. Google will give you an author rank after analysing your posts and activities.

·       Make your profile strong on top ten social networking sites and keep updating these websites at a regular basis. Make fan-following, join the relevant groups, check the valuable tweets and re-tweet, share with "#" tags and keep updating yourself by latest trends.